That’s GOLD you’re throwing away– BLACK GOLD.

June 15, 2007

Among my many dorky domestic hobbies, I particularly enjoy gardening. I’m not very good at it, but there’s something very relaxing about going out into your back yard and wrestling tiny, mangled tomatoes from the earth.

I’m currently trying and failing to understand composting. I get that it’s important and that I should be doing it. And then I read diagrams for constructing your own system and get that hopeless/prickly/sweaty feeling I recognize from, you know, when people are all “Let’s talk about major league baseball!” or “I’m repainting my Corvette.”

This morning I was walking across the lot to my building when I passed by two large production-type guys, in the boots/shorts/hats combo so many of them favor. They were shoving enormous palm fronds into a garbage bin.

The fronds, being twenty feet long, didn’t fit. Guy A was mocking Guy B: “Snap it off, Mike! Let’s go!”

Mike laughed in that “I’m laughing, but I hate your jerky face!” way. And I totally almost called the lot switchboard to ask who’s in charge of recycling here, so I could call and complain about how these people were throwing away VALUABLE COMPOSTABLE MATERIALS.




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