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June 25, 2007

For someone who isn’t 62*, I watch a lot of PBS. My favorite PBS shows are:

1) This Old House (I keep waiting and waiting for the final episodes of the Austin green remodeling project to show up. WHAT IS THEIR ENERGY RANKING? How many stars did they get? I’m on hot coals here, people!)

2) Ask This Old House (I have learned how to replace sod, control knocking pipes, and grout tile. Not that I ever do any of these things. Or own a house. Or own tools. I tighten screws with a butter knife.)

3) America’s Test Kitchen (THE BEST. Heaven must somehow involve Bridget and Chris Kimball singing hymns about butter. While preparing things made with butter. For God. I can’t watch other cooking shows. Other cooking shows are all fussy and full of purple prose about the beauty of fresh-from-the-Provence heirloom magenta sage blah blah blah. America’s Test Kitchen is regimented and prosaic, and they make a recipe hundreds of times so you only have to make it once. DELIGHTFUL.)

4) Antiques Roadshow (But this one makes me tense. I often have to mute out scenes until I find out how much something is worth. I always worry that they’ll have someone with a Precious Moments figurine who will be devastated to find out that it’s worth one cent. This never happens. But I’m ALWAYS worried.)

I think I should probably give PBS some money and stop being such a freakin’ freeloader.

*Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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