Unique Art Look at the Pictures

June 25, 2007

Who doesn’t like to waste time on Craigslist? I have found that a really reliable source of entertainment is the Arts and Crafts section.

It has EVERYTHING I enjoy:

*Barely-literate authors
*Radically overstated value
*Hideous things

Here are a few examples, culled from today’s crop:

“This figurine is hand made and very good quality – $100”

It’s hard to determine scale from those pictures, but doesn’t that kind of look like one of those Bronze Age bog people from Britain? That would rock. I would buy that.

What… what is that?

Oh, that’s my Bog Man, Sven.

“This is a 3-D porcelain electric lamp. The base is Boraque man and women leaning on a rose-bearing tree with a fence. A large white glass bulb with relief of Greek/Roman continuous theme around the bulb. – $1000”

I know: you’re thinking that a thousand dollars is kind of spendy for something from a garage sale. But my friend, this is in the famous Boraque style, and is sure to increase in value.

“3 Framed Movie stills of Johnny Depp – MUST SEE! – $125”

I’m worried there’s going to be a bidding war for this, particularly once people realize that these pictures are “from 3 of his most unusual movies: Don Juan DeMarco, Dead Man, and Sleepy Hollow.”

“Original metal art by Warren. EROTIC-FANTASY-MECHANICAL – $250”

Is the little metal guy on the hood of the car doing what I think he’s doing? He is, isn’t he. Um.


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