File under: The Party, Late to

July 13, 2007

You know who’s kind of foxy?

Jack Kerouac.

Yes, I only just realized this. YES, I am also aware that he’s dead, thank you.

And then my friend quoted me a long passage from a lady Beatnik’s memoir, and the passage was about the time she Did It with Kerouac (and three gay guys. HEY MAN, it was the 60s.) And then I felt pretty strongly like maybe I wished I hadn’t found out about this, because GOOD LORD. I think I was making the Portland Oregon Face. I make this face a lot. Like when people are in bathrooms and go “Hey, you want some?” and offer you drugs off the back of their hand. Or like the time when my assistant friend told me that her boss had taken her to Spearmint Rhino, and I was like “I… I feel like it’s not okay for your male boss to take you to a STRIP CLUB!” and she was all “OH, you’re so PROVINCIAL, it’s not like he was buying me lap dances!”

I was reading this article about Japanese social anxiety, and I could totally relate. For instance, when someone offers you drugs: how do you decline without hurting their feelings? Is it politer to go “Oh, I just had some…” or “Actually, I just got out of rehab, so…” or “Man, I would, but I have this AWFUL head cold…”?

There is probably a Japanese etiquette book that addresses this issue, no?


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