Everbody Blames Baio

July 19, 2007

Ken Levine has posted the most excellently cranky post about Scott Baio Is 45 And Single. It was SO cranky and SO funny that I kept tearing up and then sneezing.

It reminds me of the fact that this page here had this amazing idea for a sitcom called Everybody Blames Baio, wherein Scott Baio, no longer finding work as an actor, sneaks into entertainment office buildings and steals their stuff. And then hawks reams of paper and hole-punchers and sheet protectors on freeway off-ramps. And then everybody in the office blames that freakin’ BAIO for everything that goes wrong (“…BAAIIOOOOO!!!!!”), and it just now occurs to me that the hilariousness of this idea was probably largely dependent on Gene The Page’s delivery.

Even so. Everybody Blames Baio has got to be a better show than Scott Baio: HEY LADIES!.


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