Ridiculous things I have worried about so far today.

July 19, 2007

*I don’t own a vacuum cleaner. What kind of person doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner?

*TWO PEOPLE, INDIVIDUALLY, told me that I would really like this show on PBS: Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence. ?!? I don’t go around talking about ferrets! Do I seem like a ferret person? Is this because I bored people to tears for weeks, talking about the PBS show about the origin of dogs?


*Courtesy of Excellent Friend Kinan, who was worrying that she “didn’t have enough tulips in her life”, I’m now fretting about the fact that I don’t have enough (…any) house plants. I mean, when people come over to my house, do they notice this? Do they judge me?

*I’m wearing a shirt that has exposed seams. I’m suddenly convinced that people, instead of thinking “What an interesting shirt! I LIKE THE VISIBLE CONSTRUCTION.” are thinking “That girl is wearing her clothes inside out. SHE’S NEVER GOING TO AMOUNT TO ANYTHING.”


One Response to “Ridiculous things I have worried about so far today.”

  1. Your Friend Says:

    Don’t worry, everything will be ok. You sound nice 🙂

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