Tragedy strikes! But is then averted!

July 22, 2007

FIRST, I realize that we are probably the only two maintaining-their-amateur-status writers in town who GASPED at this news, thank you.

Naomi and I like to pretend that we sew. Sometimes we actually sew, but more often we collect fabric. And sewing patterns. It’s our hobby! It’s relatively cheap and harmless. I know, it’s dorky and ridiculous. Let me tell you, when the apocalypse comes, you won’t be laughing. You’ll be all “Hey! Um, can you make me a pair of pants? BECAUSE THE ZOMBIES ATE MINE.”

So I was browsing a sewing blog, learning how to do a HONG KONG FINISH (…) when suddenly, there it was:


I panicked and emailed Naomi, who, being a COOL HEAD, seized control of the situation and pointed out that the factory was closing, not the entire company. Which is obviously still very sad, and a metaphor for the decline of the American worker’s ability to provide for his family, much like season two of The Wire, etc. etc., but means that we can continue to stockpile patterns for outfits we will never, ever sew.



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