Awesome things that transpired today:

August 2, 2007

1) All the way to work I thought that it was Wednesday. And then I was in the elevator, and this guy exec was all GRUMBLE and SIGH and finally AT LEAST IT’S THURSDAY, and for him it was kind of a tragedy, but because I’d spent the whole time since waking up thinking that it was only Wednesday, it was like a party in my soul for about thirty seconds.

2) Walking to my building, I went past a casting call for who knows what. There were MANY ELDERLY LADIES. Not Hollywood old (46), ACTUAL old. It was GREAT. A grip was helping them into a minivan.

3) And then I started to think about how maybe these women had STUCK WITH THEIR DREAM of making it big for like 72 years now! And this was gonna be their break! And then I felt kind of sad, but it was, you know… a French, or possibly Finnish kind of sadness. A kind of jolly gloom.

4) Naomi told me a story about how there’s this squirrel that hangs out at her building and she feeds it peanuts, and if it feels that it’s not getting enough peanuts, it flings itself at the screen. And I said: “Oh! It’s dramatic and self-harmy!” and Naomi said “I think it’s more like MORE NUTS NOW, BITCH!” and then I laughed really loudly, which sort of ruined the cover I’d just established, of Downtrodden Assistant, Working Really Hard For The Man.

5) I was trying to watch this movie The Holiday. Have you seen this movie? Jude Law is incredibly tan. That’s all I could focus on. I’d get excited for him to walk back into the shot so I could see if he was REALLY that tan, or if I’d made it up (he was really that tan.) And then he lifted up his pale, English child onto his lap, and she made a spectacular contrast against her book-editing, English father, who was almost invisible against the walnut paneling! Glorious.


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