A hair situation.

August 13, 2007

This morning, I put a bobby pin in my hair to hold back my bangs. Now here’s the thing about that “hairstyle”: you have to be fully committed! There’s no fence-sitting when it comes to pinning your bangs back, guys. You can’t wear them back for a few hours and then casually decide to wear them down for a while. Because you’ll have weird, floppy, kinky, hideous bangs that won’t go anywhere you’d ever want your hair to go, and your only option is to go wash your hair and wipe the slate clean, and people usually don’t want you to do that in the middle of a work day (SIGH.)

Unfortunately, about an hour ago, I somehow lost the bobby pin–

And by “somehow” and “lost”, I mean “Was startled by a courier’s stealthy approach, and accidentally got my fingers caught in my hair and then somehow FLUNG the bobby pin across the room, never to be found again, even after crawling around on the carpet for a little while.”

And now I’m wearing a twist tie. In my hair.

It’s working well so far. I think I’ll be screwed if anyone looks down on the top of my head, though. So whenever anyone comes up to talk to me, I kind of keep leaning away from them awkwardly.


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