Fine things for Wednesday:

August 22, 2007

1. I keep forgetting that it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday. While that does make me feel stupid and/or mildly brain-damaged, it’s also exciting. We’re a day further into the week than I thought! I know you don’t care.

2. There were a ton of golf carts parked outside this building when I came back from lunch. Like, you know how you’ll see a police raid in progress, and there will be a bunch of cop cruisers outside? (Not that I see a lot of police raids. Perhaps I should have said “So you know how you’ll be watching The Wire and then there’s a raid, and–“) It was like that. Except with golf carts. I don’t know what was going on, but of course this is giving me delightful thoughts about highly-placed studio execs having some kind of emergency meeting about… you know, “Guys, guys, we’ve got it all wrong! Let’s start making movies with HEART. And PASSION. Let’s start TODAY!”

3. This video, where someone has blended dialogue from The Bourne Ultimatum with scenes from The Office.

4. There’s this guy, some kind of vendor or contractor, who sometimes visits this office. The first time I became aware of him was when he sidled up to my Cube Buddy, T., and said “Hey, hey. I’m going up to [apparently meat-heavy location] this weekend. You want me to bring you back some steaks?” and T. said “…Nah, man, I’m cool.”

And as soon as Meat Guy had walked off, I of course POUNCED, and demanded to know if they had a history of purchasing meat for each other, or if this was new and weird to him as well, and if purchasing meat gifts was a strange way straight men try to bond with each other or WHAT. (It was new and weird to him. But have you ever noticed how men will do INCREDIBLY ODD THINGS, things that – if this were taking place in an all-girl setting – girls would never, ever stop talking about, and dudes will just go “Eh.”)

And that guy was here again, earlier. And every time I see him, I imagine him, you know, pulling a porterhouse from his pocket (all WARM and LINTY) and being all “Hey, good buddy, I bought you some MEAT–” and then it makes me giggle.


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