I don’t even have a cat and I still want this

October 15, 2007

The Litter Robot.

(Well, I personally would call it “A rotating drum of some kind” not “a robot”.)

Why do humans like things like this so much? I’m not even a very gadgety person, but I’m fascinated by things that automate already-simple tasks. For instance, if someone invented a remote-controlled toaster, I would be very interested. Toasting a bagel from across your house? A MUST HAVE.

Or there’s this guy, who designed and built a system that detects and then squirts (with water. Hush.) any pesky kids who are trying to sneak across his property. Also, it automatically tapes the event, which is basically completely awesome.

It’s probably not a very good sign that my personality has devolved enough that I now cheer on the kind of people yelling at kids to GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN, is it?


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