November 5, 2007

Josh at Boring Future Generations did this music-meme… thing.


Josh’s fiancee writes these sort of true assistant stories that are hilarious. You should go read them! I really like the one where she’s careening through Beverly Hills in her new boss’ car, thinking “Wow, this is so glamorous and LA!” and then she realizes that her boss is a crazy driver, and THEN she realizes that his rearview mirror is held on with duct tape. YES! Hollywood in a nutshell.

End sidebar!

TRUE STORY: I once wrote an entire script (a comedy about teen girl valet parkers, you had to be there) with a single song on repeat. The song in question was Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong, by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warner.

Perfection! You try not being hilarious when you’ve heard that song 414 times in a row. It’s IMPOSSIBLE.

Of course, that script ended up landing me a single meeting where the producer spent an hour explaining that it was just really hard to get things made in the current climate. Which is the writing equivalent of “It’s not you, it’s me! I’m just too busy at work right now to date anyone seriously!” so perhaps this isn’t a song choice you’ll want to emulate.


2 Responses to “Moooosic”

  1. Rhys Says:

    Kewl! I want to read it!

  2. Elana Says:

    You don’t. Trust me. GIRL VALET PARKERS! Written to the theme to OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN! There’s nothing there anyone would want.

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