If only the Airwolf theme had lyrics.

November 12, 2007

This morning I finally managed to bring the striking writers outside the studio foodstuffs. Well, because it was warm out, I brought them orange juice. And plastic cups, because I’m thoughtful and classy.

“I brought you this juice,” I said.

“Thank you,” a writer said. “It’s hot out here!”

“Whoo, JUICE,” another writer said. “Bless you, and thank you for not bringing us donuts.”

“…heh, yeah, what kind of FOOL would be bringing you donuts?

And then I put the juice down and said “Well. Good luck.” and then FLED BACK INSIDE TO ANSWER PHONES.



Like everyone else, I have been enjoying this video: Voices of Uncertainty, wherein CEOs of huge media conglomerates, men who are RICH LIKE OPRAH, brag about how freakin’ much money they’re making on new media.



I have discovered the blog Late Show Writers On Strike, which is by and about, er, The Late Show writers. Who are on strike. And whatnot.

At first I was all “Hee hee hee! These guys are hilarious!” and then I got that bitter feeling you get when you realize that someone is funnier than you are:

Q: What is life like on the picket line?

It’s actually far more dangerous than the media is reporting. Careless handling of picket signs has resulted in several mild corneal abrasions. For more informaiton visit http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/corneal-abrasions.

Q: Will the networks attempt to use the writers’ strike, particularly if it is an extended strike, to cancel “Airwolf”?

“Airwolf” was cancelled in 1987.

But then I got over my bitterness, because people in general do not make nearly enough Airwolf jokes.


Contemporary TV dramas could, I feel, feature more eyepatches.

Here is the theme sequence: HE IS PLAYING HIS CELLO BY A LAKE YOU GUYS. And there are great shots of Eyepatch Guy.


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