Power to the people!

November 20, 2007

I made my friend D. go to the WGA march on Hollywood over lunch (assistant power! We’ll totally shut down the town by not answering phones! During our lunch break.)

1) We couldn’t figure out – being late arrivals – if Alicia Keys was there, or if they were just playing Alicia Keys CDs. Loudly. This brings up several additional questions:
a. Is Alicia Keys a big union person?
b. Or did the organizers just think “Oh, you know those writers. HUGE R&B fans. Huge.”

2) I was near a group of SEIU folks. They were so cool. They had DRUMS. And CHANTS. And RHYTHM. All around them, writers – being naturally kind of nerdy, easily-embarrassed people, clapped awkwardly and hesitantly agreed that, yes, When we strike, we win and, indeed, This is union territory. It was very touching. Awww.

3) There were young people in dark suits handing out pastries. These young people in dark suits, I eventually realized, were not agency assistants, but Scientologists.
a. Are Scientologists big union people?
b. No one was eating their pastries.


(Thanks to Danelle for the picture, and for going with me, and for not laughing hysterically when I tripped over a curb, ahahaha.)


2 Responses to “Power to the people!”

  1. Josh Says:

    I did not get to go. Sadness.

  2. AP Says:

    Thanks for the kudos. PS, the peeps in dark suits were CAA folks, not Tom Cruise’s operatives.

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