Fact: Opossums have more teeth than any North American land mammal!

December 4, 2007

Do you use Google Reader? It’s great! It lets even people as dim about computery things as myself collect all the blogs they want to read in one place. And it also offers you suggestions, which is something I think everything in the world should do. Like at the supermarket, maybe they should go “We’ve noticed that you’ve been eating a lot of Fuji apples recently. Our customers who enjoy Fuji apples also seem to enjoy turnips. We just thought you might want to know.”

(I know I’m supposed to think all this stuff is creepy and privacy-invading, and I do! I do! But I’m also profoundly lazy, and that usually wins out.)

Google Reader seems to be really perplexed by my blog-reading choices. The blogs I read fall into three distinct categories:

1) Craft blogs
2) Writing blogs
3) Um, military-industrial complex blogs (I would blame the fact that I like to write action/thrillers. But really I imagine that I like to write action/thrillers because I like to think about the military-industrial complex.)

My Platonic Ideal blog, the blog to end ALL blogs, the blog that would be SO GREAT that it would make the Internet implode, would probably be by a lady anthropologist/knitter hired by the US Army as part of the Human Terrain project.

I keep getting incoherently excited to people about Human Terrain. I mean, GUYS. It’s ANTHROPOLOGISTS AT WAR! But then people give me that look, you know, the one I express like so in writing: “…”

They’ll be sorry when my human terrain thriller/romcom about a neurotic young anthropologist (Reese Witherspoon) fighting terrorists with the help of her wry Marine/Cyborg sidekick (Paul Rudd) is number one at the multiplex, thanks.

Further: this weekend I was home alone, and I heard a terrifying noise! It was dark! Something – OR SOMEONE – was moving around outside near the back door! If I had a husband, I would have called him.

“Honey, get your baseball bat! You don’t have a baseball bat? I THOUGHT HUSBANDS CAME WITH THOSE.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have a husband. So I had to hide (no really) in the hallway for a moment or two, until I gained enough courage to run around turning on all the lights (Fact: crazy door-to-door killers are repelled by well-lit homes.)

When I was finally able to look out of the window, I saw a GIANT OPOSSUM. Just moseying around! And then it looked up at me and went “…” and then moseyed away, not a care in the world.


FACT: Opossums have opposable thumbs on their hind feet for holding onto branches!


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