Star Fleet Academy San Diego, Star Fleet Academy Irvine, Star Fleet Academy Los Angeles

December 10, 2007


So there my friend and I were, minding our own business, walking across the back lot to go get something to eat, going past a group of carpenters, when we hear:

I’ve told you over and over, those go to Star Fleet Academy at NORTHRIDGE!!!

(For this to be anywhere near as fun for you as it was for me, you probably need to know that JJ Abrams is shooting his fancy new Star Trek movie here. And it would also help to know that Northridge is… well, if this were The Future, and humanity had united under a single banner, and we had a Star Fleet, etc., etc., Northridge is probably the exact last place Star Fleet would have an Academy. No offense, Northridge dwellers. But you know what I mean.)


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