“Takes the recreation out of jumping”

December 15, 2007

Backyard Cat.

What is it? It’s a little tiny sandbag/weight attached to the cat’s collar.

Why? Because it throws off the cat’s center of gravity when attempting to jump with presumably hilarious results.

No, but why? Because some people want their cat to enjoy “freedom” without being able to “jump over the fence”. Apparently.

THIS IS A REAL PRODUCT. GMail just told me about it. Guys. If you click on ONE LINK TODAY, click on this one, and then watch the little video of the product in use. Unfortunately, the editor keeps cutting away before the cat tries to jump, so it’s mostly footage of cats wandering around a yard dragging a small weighted bag, looking cranky. And yes, I find that EXTREMELY HILARIOUS.

You must watch to the end so you can catch the part where the one cat walks by and the other cat doesn’t even stand up. It’s all “Listen. My spirit is broken. I’m just gonna sit here. All right? You have fun dragging your freakin’ sack, though.”

And then the STILL PICTURES. Of the cat stretched out on the ground next to the fence! I guess it’s supposed to be cute. But it’s clear that the cat is going “FREEDOM! FREEDOM! So close… so far away. Damn this sandbag. Damn it to hell.”

Also, the whole thing is set to Yanni, which increases the levels of glory two- or threefold.


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