Yes, I’m very busy today.

January 3, 2008

Whenever new-media types get all excited about how ENTERTAINMENT! IT IS MIGRATING TO THE INTERNET! I suspect that they don’t understand what people actually use Youtube for.

We don’t use it to make and distribute cutting-edge webisodes of something we dreamed up in our collective dorm rooms, guys! We use it to look up things like old M&Ms cartoons or excellent dog videos, or to watch the climax of KARATE KID.

Have you seen this recently? Here is the hilarious “You’re the best! Better than ALL THE REST!” musical montage, and here is the SWEEP THE LEG final scene.

While watching this, two things occurred to me:

1) The sensei of the Cobra Kai (“There is no fear in this dojo!”) is glorious. And practically wearing a shirt that reads “Stanford Prison Experiment in progress”.

2) The Cobra Kai kids have the sleeves torn off their little karate outfits, and they have feathered hair, and headbands, and they’re all extremely interested in the approval of their manly sensei. In the universe of the movie, they’re supposed to be tough and terrifying, but really, the only way they could be less macho would be if they burst into song after winning a match. WITH jazz hands.


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