January 4, 2008

Naomi and I wrote this script from which I stole the title of this blog: GIRL ON GIRL ACTION.

It’s about these two girls who join the lucrative world of underground female wrestling in order to get together the seed money for their dream hair salon. It’s a comedy. It’s a ridiculous comedy.

A handful of months ago, I was talking to this guy, and he asked what Naomi and I wrote, and I mention that as an example. And I left off the “it’s a comedy” part, because I thought that was abundantly apparent, but then he said:

“Ah, a female version of FIGHT CLUB? That sounds edgy and cool.”


2 Responses to “Reframing”

  1. naomi Says:

    Maybe that’s how we should start pitching it. Jeez, that does sound kind of good. And you know how people (of the man variety) feel about girls tussling. Someone would totally buy it.

  2. Josh Says:

    This actually sounds like it could be quite funny. I’m overextending myself, but…want to read.

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