Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night

January 14, 2008

You know how non-fiction books have those sort of auto-blurbs? Like Concrete Jungle: Life And Love In Boston’s Reclusive Concrete-Making Community, or whatever.

This is a real book, according to NPR: Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes To The Streets.

(I know, this is a real person, the Rogue Sociologist. I read about him in Freakonomics. He’s the person who figured out why drug dealers live with their moms A: they don’t make much money. Also, their moms make terrific omelets.)

Clearly, Takin’ It To The Rogue Sociology Streets needs to be a movie. Paul Rudd as The Rogue Sociologist! Michael MacDonald soundtrack. Um, tons of rogue sociology action. A clear winner.

Another movie I think must be made: so I was watching clips of Solid Gold dancers (don’t ask) and realized that what would be AWESOME would be Will Ferrell as a steelworker with a dream who bands together with 70s women’s libbers to fight gender discrimination and become the first-ever male SOLID GOLD dancer. He could wear leotards! And headbands. And maybe some legwarmers.


2 Responses to “Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night”

  1. naomi Says:

    Was there a lot of descrimination against men in the Solid Gold Dancer auditions?

  2. Elana Says:


    They’d be all “What are you doing! Stop pointing provocatively at the camera, man! MADNESS!”

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