January 27, 2008

It’s raining quite a lot in LA these days. It rained yesterday morning, yesterday afternoon, most of yesterday night. And it’s raining again now.

Some people are all “Ugh! Is this why I moved to LA? NO IT IS NOT.” But not me. I love rain. LOVE IT.

I think it’s bred into me: PacNo and Holland (which is basically like PacNo with a lot of tall Dutch people) are both pretty rainy places, and rain just makes me feel all happy and cozy and tranquil. If I lived someplace rainier, I would have excellent floral rain boots and be out walking my dog RIGHT NOW.

(Also, I would have a dog.)

I don’t really mind getting wet, either. Even that is kind of cozy to me. When I was little, we lived on a hill, and a good rain made an AWESOME RIVER HAPPEN IN THE STREET. I’d go out and stomp around and get wet and muddy and hope cars would go by and splash tidal waves on me.

(This was in the early 80s, when children were still free range.)


*You can go outside and get a little bit wet and then come in and get warm again. A cheap thrill!
*You can curl up on the couch and read and occasionally stare outside.
*The sound of fat raindrops going SPLAT when they roll off the roof.
*The soothing hiss of car tires on pavement.
*It is an ideal excuse to make soups and stews.
*How it smells just before it rains.
*Or after it rains (in the summer).
*The best thing about rain is when you get to go to bed and it’s raining. It’s like Nature’s white noise machine.


One Response to “Rain.”

  1. naomi Says:

    Dammit! If it keeps raining in LA I’m NEVER going to get you up to Portland!

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