New culinary horizons.

January 28, 2008

Yesterday my friend H. and I went to have Chinese food in Rowland Heights. (Actually, we went to have pho in Rowland Heights, but she kept texting me from the pho place with things like “This is the sketchiest pho place I have ever seen!” and “Oh man, this really horrible smell just came out of the kitchen!” so by the time I got there, I was pretty much primed to leave.)

We fled to a nearby Chinese place. First of all, the restaurant was in a mini-mall that also contained a store that sold nothing but toilet seats. Second, H. kept claiming that there was a hilarious stall in this mini-mall that sold “something like pork butt”. I made the “Oh, sure!” face and reached for more Peking Shredded Fried Pie (I am something of a daredevil orderer of foods at new restaurants, and we agreed that surely “shredded fried pie” was going to be some awesomely bad translation. But actually, it was exactly what you’d picture: strips of wheat pastry. Fried. With some cabbage. It was okay. The waiter kept incredulously asking us if we liked it, to the point where we became mildly paranoid that we had committed a horrible faux pas, and ordered something only considered appropriate for the very young or feeble-minded.)

After dinner, H. showed me the hilarious stall that sold “pork butt”. What it actually sold – and I’m not making this up – was ”fried pork rectum”.


It was prominently featured on the menu. With pictures! I don’t know what fried pork rectum is supposed to look like, and so can’t vouch for its authenticity. But yup. There it was. Fried pork rectum. With a side of rice. Only $2.65.


2 Responses to “New culinary horizons.”

  1. naomi Says:

    I can’t BELIEVE you had fried pork rectum without me, AGAIN.

  2. Elana Says:

    It was just this once, I swear!

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