He was in that one where they escaped on a cello.

January 31, 2008

K. and I went to lunch at this tiny Thai place in a strip mall in Hollywood. We had soup that was delicious, but also SO HOT that we kept sneezing. At first the couple next to us were all (patronizing voice) “Too spicy for you?” but then their food came, and soon they were tearing up and coughing and sneezing. VINDICATION.

When we left, Timothy Dalton – Former James Bond, Current Silver Fox – was standing behind my car, chatting with a friend, holding a bag full of Thai leftovers, blocking us in. Something about it was very bizarre.

“It’s that Bond guy who isn’t Pierce Brosnan!” I said as soon as we’d left.

“I know!” K. said. “I saw him in the restaurant. I couldn’t remember who he was, but I immediately recognized that he was too good-looking to be a normal person. Also, he had that bit of craziness around the eyes!”


One Response to “He was in that one where they escaped on a cello.”

  1. Margaret T. Sacco Says:

    You girls got lucky to see that handsome hunk of man. I met him in 2000 and he posed for two pictures with me. The biggest tragedy is that he works so infrequently in film and TV. He should be starring in major roles in films. TD is one of the best actors.

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