ABBA in 3D

February 1, 2008

You know what would be awesome?

A Dramatic Reading of Message Board Arguments.

I’m slightly obsessed with the message boards. Do you read them? You have to register first, but that’s just IMDB trying to keep you away from the gloriousness that is INDYCAR117 bickering with EPIC_LULZ_Oo about INDYCAR117’s fantastic new ideas for rebooting the Terminator franchise. And since I have essentially never ventured on to the IMDB message boards without finding something extremely hilarious, I think it’s pretty reliable entertainment.

Here is a small sampling (usernames changed to protect the possibly innocent):


SUBJECT: My plot idea

It should completely take place post judgement day. Show the resistance fight in the futue. And end with the terminators and resse going back in time. And by the way, this should have been the story line of T3 because the one they made SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

we don’t care. fan speculation for the plot is irellevant. if you want fan fiction, search the net.

then what i f#$% is the point of this site

to talk about rumors and facts about the production with some speculation – based on what is known, not our own ideas for what the plot is.
that’s like me saying “in the next sin city film they should include a giant rubber chicken as a character”


TOPIC: GAME (2009)

SUBJECT: I walked onto the set drunk

I was visiting my best mate in Albuquereque and we left a bar at night and the next thing I knew we were walking through “destroyed” downtown albuquereque. Smashed up cars and fake rubble everywhere.
I’ve never heard of this movie.
Good times though

You were in Albuquereque?


TOPIC: Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour (2008)

Subject: 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! WTF!!!! NO! NO!!! NO!!!
(Ed. note: Don’t worry. This isn’t about what you’re now worried this is going to be about.)

WTF!!!! Now, I kinda like the show, and I think Miley has a nice voice and some decent songs, but WTF!!!!!!!!!! 15 bucks a ticket!!! Those greedy basterds! Who in their right mind would pay $15 for this! I’d rather go watch Cloverfield twice, and Meet the Spartans than a 3-d concert movie…….wow, I bet this will kill at the box office! Cause I bet a crap load of little kids will beg their parents to see it, and considering the fact a ticket is twice as much as a regular then it’ll make like twice as much…….wow…….freaking disney!

Last Movie Seen: Cloverfield (9/10)
Best Movie of 2008: Cloverfield

Movie Ticket – $15
Concert Ticket – Upwards of $3000
The feeling you get when you save money – Priceless
There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else there’s selling your kidney for one of these tickets.

lol good one

I just wish they’d had the technology do do this with “ABBA: The Movie” back when I was a kid (or even if they could do it now with the DVD). I’d LOVE to watch Agnetha in 3-D YEAH!!!


One Response to “ABBA in 3D”

  1. chaia Says:

    You’re such a sucker for self-inflicted pain. Three words: DONE DEAL PRO.

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