Happy voting day, citizens.

February 5, 2008

Ah, Super Tuesday! On the way to work I saw an enthusiastic young man standing on the corner of Beverly and Van Ness, holding up a hand-lettered sign:


And then for about an hour I tried to think of a scenario where someone driving along would see this and go “Well, dang! I was going to vote for Ron Paul, but the POWER OF THE SIGN COMPELS ME!”

My coworker J. helpfully pointed out that maybe Sign Guy’s target audience was actually people who had already been planning to vote for Obama and who had just forgotten that today was the day, because they had taken up residence under a rock.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Oprah’s People. (For work. I’m not stalking her or trying to get on her show or anything.)

It reminded me of two things:

1) The year my friend J. saw her on a red carpet, she said that she had to “Fight a powerful urge to curtsy.”
2) I’ve talked to Oprah’s People before, at another job, and while they’re all extremely nice, they’re also very firm and confident.


It must be like working for the Pope! (Back in the 1500s, when that really said something.)


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