“The Cut-and-Paste Personality”

February 18, 2008

There are so many things going on in this article!

1) You know that glorious Hugh Gallagher college-admissions essay? “I pilot bicycles up steep inclines with unflagging speed… I woo women with my sensuous and godlike trombone playing…”? (Whole thing here.)
2) Apparently people like to steal from it for their online dating profiles, because they’re too dull to think of anything on their own.
3) These two people totally deserve each other:

Hugh Gallagher, a 36-year-old writer in New York, is one of the copied. Match.com has more than 50 profiles with parts of Mr. Gallagher’s college entrance essay, which he penned nearly two decades ago and later appeared in Harper’s Magazine. “I translate ethnic slurs for Cuban refugees” and “I write award-winning operas” are among Mr. Gallagher’s most popular lines.

They worked well enough for Jim Carey, a 38-year-old pharmaceutical salesman in Bothell, Wash. He says he wanted women to know he was funny but was too lazy to think up anything. So he copied Mr. Gallagher’s essay for his online profile. A year ago, he arranged to meet a woman for drinks. She asked about his operas. He confessed. “I felt like a balloon deflating,” he says.




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