Soup, obsession, undergarments.

February 21, 2008

I am obsessed with soup.

Now, I know I say “I’m obsessed with –” all the time, but that just means “I’m really interested in dogs with big feet/books about building log cabins/whatever”, not that I’m actually OBSESSED.

Except yesterday I had tom yum goong (hot-and-sour clear Thai soup) and I think I might actually have some kind of CLINICAL PROBLEM. I can’t stop thinking about how great soup is! I keep wanting to start conversations with people about soup! While I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about cultures that like to have soup for breakfast, and how they are so totally right on, and then wondering where I could get some to eat at my desk.


Also, I was just looking at this website for a bra-selling-company, and it’s sort of amazing how their models are all “Oh, yes. On Saturday mornings, I like to get up at 9, make myself a giant honking bowl of soup, and lounge on the couch in my bra and pajama pants.” or “I can’t believe how comfortable this bra is! I’m going to go plant some tulips while wearing it.” or “Honey? Can you toss me my velour robe? I’d like to let it dangle uselessly from my shoulders while swanning about the kitchen in my unmentionables.”

It’s sort of similar to how models for male underpants always try to look like they’re ON THE GO.

“Just give me one second to put on some pants and then I’ll absolutely defuse that bomb for you, ma’am.”


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