February 26, 2008

Stuff White People Like #75: Threatening to move to Canada.

Note: Canadian white people threaten to move to Europe.

Note: Europeans are unable to threaten to move anywhere.


(My parents moved us to Europe when I was 10.)

Man, the commenters are desperately unfunny. This is my problem with a lot of blogs in general. I read the post, am sufficiently amused, foolishly scroll down, and get hit with a THWAP of people complaining about how they are totally the exception to whatever the blogger was talking about. Or there’s always that random guy talking about how you should never marry an American woman, you should find a mail-order bride from the PI, they’re submissive and undemanding and don’t know enough people in your country to be able to leave you. Okay, thanks, that has so much to do with someone’s post about braised beef shanks.

Here is a playlist of songs allegedly favored by people who torture folks for a living. (“And what do you do?” “I’m a professional torturer.” “…Gosh, have you tried this artichoke dip? It’s really terrific.”)

A lot of it, okay, ANGRY WHITE GUY ROCK, fine. But– David Gray’s Babylon?

Why do these professional torturers even have that song on their iTunes? Maybe they’re all secretly really, really sensitive guys who write poetry and cry when it rains. I personally would be pretty suspicious of the CIA contractor who showed up all “Hey, guys! Don’t even worry about the music, I picked up the new Matchbox 20 album at the airport.”


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