Two things!

March 10, 2008

I work in the same SUPERCUBE (it’s like a regular cubicle, only twice as big. Also, it’s outside the LAIR OF INAPPROPRIATENESS) with a young gentleman who, among other characteristics, is from one of those wholesome places like Wisconsin.

The other player in this one is my ladyboss’ other assistant. I’m not sure where he’s from, but I suspect some place less wholesome, like Los Angeles or Miami. He is very nice, but this is why I suspect less-wholesome origins:

Today, large sections of our floor inexplicably smelled very, very yeasty.

“What is that smell,” I said upon entering the SUPERCUBE in the A.M.

“I know,” Wisconsin Kid said. “It’s crazy! Fresh bread everywhere.”

Later in the day, the other assistant appeared.

“Um,” he said. “Have you guys noticed… that it smells like liquor?”

It was like the assistant version of a Rorschach test. Smell this! Do you smell… a BAKERY? Or a MOONSHINE OUTFIT? WELL?

In other news, I think you should watch the most amazing video I have seen all week. It’s a news clip package of Iranian lady cops graduating. They abseil down buildings. Wearing voluminous black chadors! They do hand-to-hand combat! They set off bombs! They slam perps into cars! They lean out of car windows and shoot the heck out of stuff with AK-47s.

The best part is that this isn’t a pitch for a hilarious new musical comedy in the vein of Sister Act. THIS IS FOR REAL YOU GUYS.

I am totally in favor of these ladies. I wish to have them keeping the peace in Los Angeles. Do you have any buildings you need people to rappel down? Because they can handle that. They could totally march up to rowdy youths and quell them with a single stern glare.

Please do watch for yourself. I know you’re doubting me.


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