“Anyway, war is bullshit and you should listen to Ron Paul.”

March 19, 2008


Generation Kill – one of my favorite books – is coming to HBO! And people who wrote The Wire are writing it!

Also, here is a French pop video:

The singer is talking about Cuizinier, who is a French rapper. It’s… a kiss-off song, I guess. Except she’s FRENCH. So the lyrics are crazy and amazing and go like this:

Je veux te voir
Dans un film pornographique
En action avec ta bite
Forme patatoes ou bien frites
Pour tout savoir
Sur ton anatomie
Sur ton cousin Teki
Et vos accessoires fetiches

My French is rusty, but not that rusty. She’s saying:

I want to see you
In a pornographic film
In action with your… manhood
Make potatoes or possibly fries*
To know everything
About your anatomy
About your cousin Teki
And your fetish accessories

Aside from how- ???? that is, the comments on the video remind me once again why I love Youtube users:

Hey what about you ? are you serving your county in the army or something ? I don’t think so. If you did. You would know that there are french soldiers “protecting peace” in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Ivory coast, Ex Yugoslavia and Tchad. About 3 millions French died fighting in the 20 century. Anyway war is bullshit and you should listen to Ron Paul instead of being an easily manipulated ignorant.


*I have no idea.


One Response to ““Anyway, war is bullshit and you should listen to Ron Paul.””

  1. chaia Says:

    “EN forme des patatos ou bien frites” is I believe the missing (for artistic purposes) word – um…ouch. “HEY, FRENCH FRY DICK.” She sure knows how to sell a kiss-off! “You don’t even have a driver’s license and you have to take the SUBWAY.”

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