March 24, 2008

So the other day I was at the fabric/craft store (I am so cool, you guys! It’s crazy.) and there was this mom with a tiny (but sturdy-looking!) girl preschooler. And the little girl was marching around holding a wreath. And she kept informing people:

“This is a wreath.”

It was the best.

I don’t really understand people who don’t like kids. Sure, I get people not wanting their own, but how can you not find kids entertaining? That’s like their whole THING, to entertain.

This weekend, my neighbor Pete (he of the AXIAL DANCING) brought us an Easter egg and a picture of himself with the Easter Bunny. In the picture, he was wearing a really outstanding seersucker suit and a tie he picked out himself and flip-flops.

When was the last time an adult of your acquaintance gave you a picture of himself in a seersucker suit?

(Well. I guess if that happened it would either be super-creepy, or, like, your… Southern law professor, and you’d go “OH. Thank you, Professor. How thoughtful.” but still be totally creeped out.)

BUT. From a seven-year-old, it’s fantastic.


OH NO, you guys. My favorite-ever military person has been asked not to return.

I don’t know anything about him. Or his politics. Or work history. He’s my favorite because I’m shallow, and his name is-

Are you ready?


It is unlikely that the world will ever know another highly-placed naval officer with such an excellent name. Sigh! Admiral Stufflebeem, I wish you Godspeed into a highly-paid civilian consulting gig.


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