“@#$%! *&^%! $%^*!!!”

March 26, 2008

1) This is the best non-Onion headline I’ve ever seen:

U.S. Spies Disgruntled with Superiors, Have Doldrums

2) I was just thinking about how there should be a series of horrible videos sold on late-night cable about Drunk Girls With High Self Esteem. It would be all “Show you my boobs! Why don’t YOU show me YOUR boobs? Ahahahahahaha, I’m so hilarious. Oh man, I feel kinda sick.”

3) While Googling to see if anyone had already made these videos, I discovered this article (a PDF, CLICK IF YOU DARE) describing how high self-esteem does you no good at all except for an improved sense of well-being and generally increased happiness. Well, sure! Put it like that, what’s the point?

4) This article, A World Without Me, combines my two favorite things, to wit: a) the apocalypse and b) hilarity.

After three months, animals not usually encountered in urban areas will have ventured into the apartment. Wolves roam freely, scavenging for food and drinking out of the toilet. An antelope buries its snout in a half-empty box of Cheerios. A mountain lion knocks over the milk, rendering the entire kitchen and part of the connecting hall uninhabitable for several months.

5) The executive in the Lair of Inappropriateness keeps swearing angrily under his breath. It makes me really nervous.


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