March 27, 2008

Why the British are better than we are in all non-superpower ways:

1) They have the BBC.
2) They have sketch comedy shows that are funny.
3) As a culture, they have an amazing ability to not need to have a lead-in.

In America, you’d have to EXPLAIN these sketches. “So you know, German game shows, they’re hilarious! And German has funny compound words like “toastvorausgeschmack”. And here is a sketch about those things.”

Or “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if a hobo had delusions of grandeur and thought he was Sir Digby Chicken Caesar, international detective?”

And it would RUIN it, and even so, Americans would frown and go “…?” and flip over to Are You Stronger Than A Dog.

But the British! They just have shows called That Mitchell and Webb Look, and they have astonishing sketches called NUMBERWANG and SIR DIGBY CHICKEN CAESAR, please enjoy:


One Response to “Numberhosen”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I was lost on the numberwan, but fell in love with sir Digby.

    Check out the link above for…german health video..?
    I do remember laughing the first time I heard the german word for airport.

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