“Thanks, Arthur!”

March 27, 2008

I have been reading a lot of pilots recently. I have noticed that many of them do this thing where the teaser will start with a sort of PUNCH of action and then cut away to a man and a woman Doing It in the, ah– Female Superior arrangement.

I don’t know if this is a reference I don’t get because I’m not a guy, or what. But it’s really sort of remarkable how often this pops up. Now I feel like I should probably write this in to stuff. So the dudes know that I Totally Get it.

“So I have this pilot–”

“What’s it about?”

“WHO CARES, it starts with four minutes of Ultimate Fighting and then we cut to a lady doing it, it’s awesome.”


Amazing new USA show in development:

“The Nanny Files” will revolve around the adventures of a 26-year-old nanny who cares for the kids of a widower police chief. With her network of nannies, dog walkers, gardeners and neighbors, she will work without her employer’s knowledge in order to solve his cases. “The Brady Bunch Movie” scribe Rick Copp will executive produce with Joann Moore (“A Walk on the Moon”) as co-exec producer.

OH MAN. That’s going to be the best thing ever. Like Murder She Wrote, but with some toddlers thrown in. Right? I’m excited.


I really like Rob Long’s KCRW audio column (“audiumn”?) MARTINI SHOT, which is inside baseball about the entertainment industry. And funny. Last week he talked about how people like to tell writers that they’re geniuses:

Like, when you call to give a writer notes on a script. Traditionally, this call begins with some lubricating kabuki. Something like, “We really loved the script and the characters and the whole world is so rich, and we really think this is a great, great stuff.”

And then there’s a pause, while the writer acknowledges the highly formalized transaction with an “Uh huh,” followed by, “And we really don’t have that many notes – Josh, do you have any notes?” someone asks on the conference call.

“No, I have a couple of questions, really, not notes” and then someone on the call says, “Do you want to just go through them page by page?” and then you’re suddenly out of the “wonderful, wonderful you” part of the conference call and into the “Page three. Can we get a stronger sense of the character as a hero?”


Also, in his most-recent column, he refers to a writer as really high-maintenance, “a daily caller”, and I got all panicky. WHAT IF THAT DESCRIBES ME?


Last night I was leaving the lot, and a dad and his two daughters were walking up to the fountain. And the youngest daughter was six or seven, and the oldest was nine or ten, old enough to be very aware that SOME PEOPLE were TOTALLY CHILDISH.

And the youngest ran over to the fountain and yelled: “Dad, dad! Can I wash my hands in that???”

And the oldest did this great pre-teen eyeroll and said “Omigod, of course not!!!” Geez, kids today.

Anyway, I was smiling very broadly and delightedly at this, when a guy in a suit walked by, and from his “…heyyyy….” response, I am 95% sure he thought that my broad, delighted smile was me hitting on him. I felt really awkward about the whole thing.


Dramatic Tarsier!


I’ve been delighted by Arthur The Possibly Heavily Drugged Haitian Weatherman for several days, and on the off chance you haven’t seen it (watch it at least three times. It’s only nine seconds, and the hilarity increases with each viewing):


I like to read articles about war-type things, so I found this one mostly interesting: Navy SEALs: Mental Strength and Courage. Especially the part where it is revealed that they’ve bribing the locals into cooperating by disposing of their enemies. Hmmm.

Also, one of the guys says “These Bedouin tribes… their loyalties shift like the sands!” which is a line that should be taken out back and put out of its misery.


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