Wears colors to hide dominating left brain

March 31, 2008

I am obsessed with the Helsinki-based street-fashion blog Hel Looks. Finnish people are so interesting! If they had to move to LA they would probably all die of horror.

Here is a good recent Hel Looks person: Martti (26), “N.W.A. and 20th century Pet Shop Boys are a constant source of inspiration.”

WHO KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS. But isn’t it great?

This weekend I spent some time in a Starbucks to read some scripts, and it’s always interesting how many people appear to be there on (blind) dates. There was the young couple who had nothing at all to say for the first five minutes (I was all panicky and tense on their behalf) but then warmed up. And then there was the boy who clearly made his female date really flustered with his cuteness, so she got kind of… bitchy? You know what I mean? And kept taking calls in front of him! It was really odd. But they were there for three hours and then left together, so I’m guessing he saw through her neuroses.


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