April 11, 2008

So you know how the waters off the coast of Somalia (which is itself a lawless kind of place) are ULTRA lawless, and have actual pirates?

Recently some pirates hijacked (boatjacked?) a French yacht there. First, I don’t know why the French yacht was there. It doesn’t seem like the kind of place you’d just relaxedly want to cruise for fun. Second, French commandos had to go in and liberate the hostages, etc.

Isn’t it hard to take the idea of “French commando” seriously? All I can picture is fatalistic saturnine guys being all “Ah, what can you do? The pirates, they come and they go. Valentin! Where are my Gauloises Blondes?”

Even after looking them up on Flickr, I’m having trouble taking them seriously.

French commandos stand around and wait for things to happen, hands in pockets.

It must be really difficult to be a French badass. Non-French people are probably all “SURE, you’re here to take back control of this yacht. Uhuh.” and mocking! I bet it makes the French commandos really angry.


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