“It’s made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good.”

April 27, 2008

I had this amazing revelation last night!

(When I tell you what it is, you will say “WHAT? You have low standards for revelations!” and you will be right.)

So we were watching Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and I kept thinking things like “Man, this movie is so hilarious! I like everything about it! It’s like one of those semi-misogynistic comedies you feel guilty for laughing at, only this one has this awesome WOMEN’S LIB plot– I bet Adam McKay and Will Ferrell’s lady wives are totally right on.” and “I love Paul Rudd.” and “High-functioning mental retardation has never been this funny!” when SUDDENLY, during the speech where Ron Burgundy explains to Veronica Corningstone that he’s “Kind of a big deal”, I REALIZED:

Daniel Day Lewis clearly based his portrayal of Daniel Plainview on Ron Burgundy. Here is my evidence:

*The mustache!
*The inflection!
*…okay, that’s really it.

But man, they’re totally close. HERE:

Is that a crazy likeness or WHAT?



40-Year-Old Virgin becomes Bring Me My Bow Of Burning Gold!:
Ralph Fiennes stars as paralyzed novelist Malcolm Entwhistle-Twight. Able to communicate only with a complex series of clicks and whistles, Entwhistle-Twight finds and loses love during one balmy English summer, even as he struggles to complete his final chapter before he drowns in the fluid filling his lungs.

Knocked Up becomes The Gamekeeper’s Daughter:
In this searing tale of class struggle, forbidden lust, and hunting accidents, Jeremy Irons is the scion of a noble family fallen on hard times. Fleeing from the grinding responsibilities of repairing the roof and talking to his horsey wife, he finds temporary relief in the arms of Ffion, the gamekeeper’s daughter. When Ffion is revealed to be in the family way, Irons panics and mopes about for an hour or so before it all ends in tragedy.

The Pineapple Express becomes The Sunless Sea:
In this Victorian gangster period piece, two guys from BBC shows you’ve never watched (“BALLYKISSANGEL” and “OUR FRIENDS IN THE NORTH”) find themselves trapped in a maelstrom of dangerous hallucinations as they smoke a lot of opium in Shanghai and race (but in a slow and confused way) to stay one step ahead of a local gangster.


Can you tell that I’m procrastinating? Someone come over to my house and tell me to finish my draft! And also maybe tell me to stop googling things like “ROOT CELLAR”. (I’m googling “ROOT CELLAR” because it’s 96 degrees out, and I bet a root cellar would be a really cool, relaxing place to write procrastinate.)


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