Finally, the elusive second step is clear.

June 18, 2008

I piece together a lot of odd jobs in my attempt to both HAVE MONEY and BE AVAILABLE WHEN MICHAEL BAY CALLS AND ASKS ME TO DO A QUICK POLISH ON TRANSFORMERS 2 TO MAYBE ADD SOME DOGS OR WHATEVER. Today I am in the office of an Important Person here at the studio I often temp at. Working for Important People is always interesting. First, their offices are usually much quieter than the offices of Less Important People, which is counter-intuitive: it’s like the phone is too scared of getting fired to ring. Second, they always have interesting things lying around, like scripts or books they’re thinking of having adapted, or muddy shovels they just used to bury an underling’s body out in the lawn. What have you.

This particular Important Person is very nice (which is good. Many Important People are not very nice. Darwin is alive and well here in Los Angeles, where the weak are killed and eaten so that the strong may survive and rise to the top and make Seth Rogen vehicles.) but he ALSO has a meeting this afternoon with a writer about a property I totally love. I told Naomi, and she suggested that I, in ABC Family sitcom-style:

1) Cancel on the writers
2) Don a cunning disguise and take the meeting myself
3) PROFIT!!!!

Nice. I’ll let you know how it goes. Right now I have to cobble together a disguise that says DUDE ACTION WRITER out of readily-available office supplies. BRB!

PS: A man just walked in, asked me if Important Person was here (he’s not), and when told that he wasn’t here, walked past me and looked into the inner office himself, because clearly I was probably lying to him. Sweet.


3 Responses to “Finally, the elusive second step is clear.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    woohoo! I always wanted to say I was ‘taking a meeting’ but alas, I know Vips. Hope yours went well. And thanks for the uberfunny Dexter alias photo.

  2. Jenny Says:

    above is your ‘possibly related post’ on your wordpress site (auto generated)
    Is this a new add-on or was I just overlooking it?

    Fun trying to figure out what the heck your blog and this one have in common –

  3. Elana Says:

    Isn’t that “possibly-related” thing weird? I loved the bizarre Republican/Democrat joke. (Those Republicans, always giving homeless men jobs in their campaign offices! What troopers.)

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