July 4, 2008

I saw Hancock last night. IT IS AWESOME.

I read a lot of scripts, and while I like many of them fine, there are just a few I get very “OH MAN, HAVE YOU READ THIS, IT IS AMAZING”/alt.nerd.obsessive about. The original spec Hancock is based on, Vincent Ngo’s Tonight, He Comes, is one of those. It has pretty much everything I like: musings on masculinity, gratuitous violence, nihilism, destiny, romantic angst, blah blah blah. I could see how you couldn’t really pull it off as a cheerful summer popcorn movie, but I was also kind of HMMMMM about the idea of taking the concept and turning it into an action comedy.

I think they did an excellent job. It’s very fun, and Jason Bateman will never not be hilarious, and who doesn’t like to watch Will Smith being called ASSHOLE by little kids?

(A: “Parents of little kids who now get to hear HEY ASSHOLE! all weekend.”)


Recently, I had dinner with my friend L. We had a whole discussion about what kinds of TV we liked (she likes: Doctor Who. I like: things that are dark and edgy. Also, 30 Rock.) and after I kept rejecting suggestions as “Ugh, too cheerful!” she looked at me and said “I would love to see a channel programmed entirely by you.”

AS WOULD I. This would be my primetime lineup:

8 PM: 30 Rock
8:30 PM: America’s Test Kitchen
9 PM: Blade Runner: The Next Generation
10 PM: Apocalypse Now, Mofos!, an original series about the apocalypse, set in a constantly-rainy Hong Kong (we can re-use the Blade Runner: The Next Generation sets). It would be a SERIOUS apocalypse, not one of those half-hearted ones where people still have lots of spare pants and occasionally go clubbing*. After watching it, you would be totally depressed.
11 PM: rerun of previously-aired 30 Rock, to de-depress you enough for sleep.


Here is an excellent!!! blog: Men Who Look Like Zach Braff.

*This is one of my pet peeves. If you’re going to have the apocalypse, HAVE THE APOCALYPSE. The end of the world doesn’t involve going out to pick up chicks, it involves huddling in salt mines, waiting for the aliens to go away. COME ON PEOPLE, get it together.


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