Denim, Twinkies… all the trappings of a great democracy.

July 8, 2008

1. Today at work they were having some kind of Generation Kill premiere event. I mean, it’s not like anybody grabbed me and said “HEY ELANA, Evan Wright is here and he totally wants your opinion on how awesome his book is, also there are SNACKS!” but still! It means that the mini-series is going to happen on a TV near you very soon.

Man, excellent book+about profane Marines+made by guys who did The Wire, I can hardly stand the excitement.

2. I generally try to avoid telling Crazy Stories about work, but.

Today at work, a Very Important Someone pointed at me and snapped his fingers, like I was a dog or a waiter or something, said “You! You there. I’ve forgotten your name.” in a kind of weirdly accusing tone and then required me to go in to his office and be his one-person focus group. It’s just lucky that I have the kind of personality that finds that kind of hilarious, you know? Otherwise these incidents would stack up and eventually I’d be like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, TOTALLY LOSING MY SHIT because the restaurant switched to the lunch menu before I was ready.

3. Everyone, here is the best music video in the world: Gorbachov: the video.

In this video, Russian peasant girls (with big boobs) labor and are oppressed and then zombies show up and attack them. And then a Russian metal band who are into guyliner and gas masks play some music. And then Mikhail Gorbachev shows up in the guise of a barbarian warrior! And he proceeds to kill the zombies and liberate the peasant ladies. And then they all party on the beach and Coke and Twinkies and designer denim rain down from the heavens and the ladies shuck off their too-concealing communist outfits and shake it in halters and short shorts. Because they are free now.

There are no words to explain how wonderful this video is. NO WORDS.


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