Shrinks, slow waves, impoverished aristos.

July 9, 2008

I like to collect articles that I think sound like tv shows or movies:

Guess what, being the therapist of an extremely rich person kind of sucks:

A couple of years ago, Dr. Karasu received a call on behalf of an entertainment executive who wanted to reschedule an appointment at the last minute.

Dr. Karasu said the only time he had available that week was at 7 one night. The executive’s assistant said: “He’s having dinner then. How about 10 p.m.? He’s flying out to the Hamptons, but we’ll send a car for you and you can ride with him and do therapy on the helicopter, and then we’ll send you home in the morning.”

On and on it went. “If I would say I am busy on Saturday, the assistant would offer to pay me extra, as if that would be the answer,” Dr. Karasu said, adding that he declined the request. “For the average patient, the 45 minutes with a therapist is the most precious time. For this patient, it was just another activity superimposed on his schedule, and the therapist has to accommodate his way of being — like his trainer, his cook, his pilot, his administrative staff.”

It would be like House except with a less-jerky doctor. And really rich people. Adam Arkin can be the shrink! I love Adam Arkin. I would totally be in therapy with Adam Arkin, wouldn’t you? He’s so reassuring!

Melting ice caps will apparently lead to a “slow wave”, a wildly uneven rise in seal levels:

[…]most of the melted water will stay in the Atlantic for at least 50 years, where sea levels will rise much faster as a result. Only small amounts will make it into the Pacific Ocean in that time.

I don’t really know how you’d turn this into a movie. I guess you’d need some explosions and guitar solos and Bruce Willis having a terrible line like “Didn’t your mother tell you not to swim right after eating?” as the bad guy drowns in the rising sea levels.

Running a huge country home is really hard, you guys!

Tissington Hall has been in the possession of Sir Richard Fitzherbert’s family for 400 years. When he inherited it, he cried – how was he going to make ends meet?

That article is actually kind of laughable – yeah, your life is so HARD, with your giant mansion that needs upkeep! No wonder the British have a lot of class angst. – but this could be… oh, Monarch of the Glen meets that movie where Roseanne’s husband turns out to be 29th in line for the British throne. And he’s also a Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator? I may be getting that a little bit wrong.

YOU KNOW, it’s one of those things that’s like “When Ashton Kutcher discovers that his real father has died and left him a giant English estate, his playboy ways BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, and then there’s a scene where he’s chasing sheep down a long corridor, and also he’ll need a comedy-relief butler, and a hot English girl.” YES.


2 Responses to “Shrinks, slow waves, impoverished aristos.”

  1. naomi Says:

    Coincidentally, I recently watched King Ralph. And you basically got the broad strokes right — it’s a memorable tale, for sure — except that it starred John Goodman, Roseanne’s TV husband, not Tom Arnold, her actual (ex-) husband. Just FYI.

  2. Elana Says:

    I am interested to know that you watched King Ralph. Did it hold up well? Is it a classic of the man-inherits-the-throne genre?

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