Crazy hippie school

July 11, 2008

When I was little, my parents were pretty big hippies. And it was the early 80s. In Portland. So of course when it was time for me to go to school, I put on my corduroy pants and went to Crazy Hippie School, the kind of place where you called your teachers “John” and “Karen” and passed the talking stick and 7-year-olds had a vote on the council.

My particular Crazy Hippie School was called The Pacific New School, and it folded at some point after I graduated, in the distant past Before The Internet. Which really annoys me, because periodically I’ll Google, and there are NEVER ANY HITS. Come on, people! I know it was a really small school, but… I know you’re out there! What happened to everyone? Did anyone, like, go into law enforcement? Totally shun your hippie background and become a Republican? Did you change your name to enable you to blend in with the middle classes?!? I WANT TO KNOW ALL OF THESE THINGS.

If you’re out there and googling, Pacific New School alumni, let me know. We can all get together and have some giant (okay, pretty small) reunion and say things like “YOU eat meat now? I eat meat now too, that’s crazy!” and reminisce about all the folk songs we’d sing during morning circle.


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