July 17, 2008

I made people go to a TV writer meetup thing with me tonight (yes, I generally write features. BUT I AM WRITING A HILARIOUS COMEDY PILOT SO WHATEVER.)

Aside from the fact that everyone there was approximately nine years old (seriously. Shouldn’t you people be bumming around Europe or trying untested designer hallucinogenics in Mexico or otherwise acting really irresponsible?) we had a good time. Here are a few of the people I met:

1. Amanda. I totally recognized her from the picture on her blog, and then I thought about how that was maybe kind of creepy of me.

2. Mike, who did an excellent impression of KITT as voiced by Christopher Walken.

3. Todd, who is really into The PacNo Experience, which I endorse, because The PacNo Experience is awesome.

4. Josh was there, but I did not see him, because I suck.

5. Deborah, who totally understood the problem with staying home to write (the problem is that IT MAKES YOU CRAZY.)

Good times!

Here are some other things I am finding pretty exciting:

A WHOLE BLOG about otters. I really, really like otters. They look so devious, like they’re planning a bank heist. And a group of otters is called a ROMP, which is excellent.

The Terminator:Salvation teaser trailer:


The Watchmen teaser trailer:

I really like Zack Snyder (I mean. I don’t KNOW Zack Snyder. I just like his visual style a lot.) and redouble my demand that it be 2009 right now.


2 Responses to “I LEFT MY HOUSE.”

  1. chaia Says:

    KITT as voiced by Christopher Walken? I am extremely disappointed to have not met Mike.

  2. Deborah Says:

    I just discovered your blog and I just have to say… LOVES IT! I am still at home going crazy, but I bit the bullet and went out and got a job writing Contracts and Grants for a big pharmaceutical company. For cashflow purposes, mostly. I start next Monday. 😦 On a positive note, maybe I’ll be less crazy next time we meet.

    Good luck with the writing!

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