Dogspotting, Naomi, Generation Kill (Again)

July 24, 2008


I was leaving work and a lady was walking her dog. Only, okay. OKAY.

So there’s this grassy verge. It’s all thick and green and luxurious and if you were a kid you’d rip off your shoes and run around on it.

There’s also this lady. Wearing a sun visor.

And then there’s her dog. The dog is salt-and-pepper grey, medium-sized, some kind of terrier mix: knee-high, longer than he is tall, long hair. Really splendidly shaggy ears that made him look like an old man.

And the dog is COMBAT CRAWLING OVER THE GRASS. GRUNTING WITH GLEE. I guess it was hot out, and sometimes a dog needs to cool his belly. It made me really happy.

(Do you think I talk about dogs too much? Probably. I think really only my friend Kinan likes to talk about dogs as much as I do. Not dogs we HAVE or HANG OUT WITH or anything, just “Oh man, last week I saw this dog in a car and he was sitting upright like people do and he looked like a copier salesman!” or “I’m leaving you this message because I just saw this dog and he was doing that thing where he skipped a beat with his back leg, like he’s in RIVERDANCE!”)


This is my best friend Naomi talking about famous writers.

Recently she told me she sometimes feels shy about letting people read her stuff, and I was totally flabbergasted. Because when we were writing together, I always felt like I was some kind of bum who’d jumped the turnstile and was hitching a ride on her hilarious coattails for free. It just goes to show, once again, that there’s just zero correlation between “Not sucking” and “Thinking that you’re awesome”.

I mean, read her blog! See how smart and funny she is and how rarely she resorts to TYPING LIKE THIS IN ORDER TO MAKE A POINT? She’s a quality lady.


I am going to get very COMIC BOOK GUY for a moment here. I’m sorry.

But something’s been bothering me about Generation Kill, as splendiferous as it is. See, in the series, people keep calling Sgt. Colbert BRAD.


I mean, okay, yes. It is. It totally is his name.

But Sgt. Colbert is the alpha male of the little fiefdom that is his Humvee, and I don’t think his gunner would call him Brad. I think his gunner would call him Sergeant. (Or at least, if he called him Brad, it would be kind of A Moment, not CASUAL HELLO HOW’S IT GOING BRADERINO?)

Also, rest assured that I am embarrassed by:

a) How much thought I have given to this subject since it first occurred to me last Sunday.
b) How often I have almost brought it up in totally unrelated conversations this week.

Right. Comic Book Guy!


2 Responses to “Dogspotting, Naomi, Generation Kill (Again)”

  1. naomi Says:

    Awww! Thanks for the shout out and the blog plug. (Ew. That sounds kind of gross.) I feel like we’re having a JohnMayer-PeteWentz moment.

  2. Elana Says:

    The blog plug!

    Please feel free to never say that again. Thank you.

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