I am unique, please give me a prize.

August 3, 2008

I like Google Reader for all my blog-reading needs. You just put in the URL of the feed and it collects posts as they go up. Which is good! The other awesome thing about Google Reader is that it will suggest other blogs you might want to read, based on some kind of Other People Like You logarithm. Unfortunately, I suspect that I may have broken the logarithm by being weird.

Here are the folders I use to organize blogs I read:

Here I keep blogs like 101 Cookbooks and Everyday Food Storage and Preparedness (weirdness alert: I think about Mormons all the time. I was having dinner with my friend J. earlier this week, and I told her that, kind of apropos of nothing – “The other night I was lying in bed thinking about Mormons–” and she said “As you do–” and I said “Well, actually, yes. I mean, I think about Mormons all the time, and–” and she almost passed out from laughing at me. BUT IT’S TRUE. Mormons! I think about them a lot. And I find the concept of religiously-mandated food storage totally fascinating. Also a lot of the recipes there are completely thrilling to me in this bizarre way I can’t explain. Would I EAT squash cupcakes that taste like Twinkies? Probably not. Do I desperately need to read about them? Yes.)

Mostly about people who grow heirloom tomatoes and things like that. I myself am a totally terrible gardener, so I need all the help I can get. I like to read blogs like City Farmer news (aside: my dad and I are semi-obsessed with the concept of vertical urban farming and email each other news articles about it. This sometimes makes me want to turn to Manager Guy and go “You know, yeah, okay! So I won’t shut up about Monsanto. But AT LEAST I never pitch you vertical urban farming ideas.”) and This Garden Is Illegal.

(Aside: have you ever read Joel Salatin’s Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal? Is that or is that not the best title for any book, ever? Somewhat disappointingly, it’s about – I AM SORRY – agriculture and local food. Not about… I don’t know. EVERYTHING I WANT TO DO IS ILLEGAL sounds like maybe it would be about petulant radicals. You know?)

Blogs about knitting and spinning and other interesting crafts. (MY GOD, I’m such a nerd.) Blogs like Brooklyn Tweed and Whip Up go here.

Blogs about obscure indie music. I’m not even going to list them. That’s how lame I’m starting to feel.

Blogs that don’t fit anywhere else. That leads to bizarre juxtapositions, such as Cute Overload being lumped in with the L.A. Times Homicide Report.

Sigh. My god, I’m lame. In here I stick blogs about SEWING and various street fashion blogs from Helsinki and stuff.

Blogs by writers, like John August.

Blogs in this folder include Small Wars Journal, The Long War Journal, and The Destroyermen. I am pretty sure that my (in actual fact, basically apolitical) interest in defense and blowing things up BREAKS THE LOGARITHM.

The Reader feed-suggestion logarithm seems to think that I’m some kind of urban/rural hipster/housewife who works as a spy/writer, votes Green/Republican and is possibly a Mormon… OR married to a Marine. It gives me both interesting suggestions and hilariously inaccurate ones. For some reason it often thinks I would like to read Orthodox Jewish news blogs. For a month or two, this has been a recurring theme. It also often thinks I would like to read blogs by stay-at-home evangelical moms, hardcore neo-cons, people putting on musicals about Mormon Jesus, and British comedians.

Alas! I want nothing of the sort. It makes me think that the People-Like-Me logarithm can’t handle how weird I am. It’s a lonely, lonely feeling, being misunderstood by Google.


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