“So… what are you doing later?”

August 6, 2008

Yesterday while driving away from work, I had this realization that I’m like your creepy guy friend who doesn’t get that it’s inappropriate to crane his neck and ogle young ladies. Except I do it with DOGS. I’m all “Ooooh. Check out that BEAGLE. That’s really something.” or “Wow. That dog is really fluffy. Hey! Hey, puppy! WHAT IS UP???”


2 Responses to ““So… what are you doing later?””

  1. jkaymartin Says:

    Oh, yeah. That’s me all over. And can I remember the names of people I meet? No, but I can remember their dog’s name. . .

  2. naomi Says:

    Even worse, I do it in front of my current dog. Do you think that’s making him insecure? Giving him self-esteem issues? It would certainly explain some of his clinginess and jealousy.

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