August 24, 2008


*I just turned in my new draft to Manager-Guy.

*Later, there will be a new episode of Generation Kill.

*My friend Julie may be getting a PUPPY. Which means I can go over and rub its tummy and pet its soft ears.

*Had I mentioned that I just turned in my draft? Because I turned in my draft. There was some skipping and off-key singing, possibly both by me. Maybe. I ADMIT NOTHING.

Based on data collected by me from my two friends who are in the same new-writer boat I am, I theorize that the first project you write after getting repped is A BITCH. It just makes you crazy! It’s like this whole new skillset you have to learn, or maybe it just taps into your general writer-insanity, I don’t know. But it is hard, guys. I feel kind of bad for all of my friends who have been forced to listen to me whine about it. I very much hope that the next time I do this, it won’t be as terrible. Or that I will at least have a dog with big paws around to soothe me when it gets really bad.

Speaking of same: I was having lunch with the aforementioned two new-writer pals recently and naturally the subject of What We’re Going To Do When We Get A Check came up.

My answer, of course, is “Get a dog.”

And one of my friends, who didn’t know this about me, asked what kind of dog I wanted to get. So I explained: a dog with really big feet, who is HILARIOUS, and maybe kind of low to the ground and STURDY and he should be so awesome looking that every time he walks into the room, I laugh!

And the girl looked at me and said “…I’ve never heard anyone say anything like that.”

Pffft! I happen to think that thinking of my Future Dog in that way is much more helpful and specific than being all “Well, I think I’d like a dog who’s a mix between a Poodle and a Great Dane – a GROODLE, you know.” SO! The rest of you people are wrong and should come over to my way of describing dogs. Plus, it’s much more fun than just reeling off the make and model.

PS, Manager-Guy sent me a list of other war-themed things he thought I should watch or read (there was a stern admonishment to branch out beyond Vietnam and Iraq) and now I feel like we’re two old duffers with our socks and pants pulled up REALLY HIGH, down at the VFW hall, going on and on about MacArthur.


PPS, this is a real product! I would totally get my dog a porthole. MANY PORTHOLES. Throughout the house! Just to be awesome.


2 Responses to “YAY.”

  1. Naomi Says:

    PORTHOLES?! Awesome. And I would love to see the reactions of people walking by, when they noticed your dog checking them out via the porthole in your fence.

  2. Anna Says:

    All dogs should have the joyous to look at motief. After all – they’re built for it – low to the ground, four feet – very grounding!

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