August 31, 2008

My friend Julie just made me watch this movie Fido. I was eating her apple crisp, so I pretty much had to do as I was told, but on the inside I was all AW MAN, A ZOMBIE COMEDY I’VE NEVER HEARD OF? MADE BY CANADIANS OR WHATEVER? THIS IS GOING TO BE LIKE WHEN YOUR FRIEND SHOWS YOU A SHORT FILM HE MADE AND YOU’RE ALL “…”

BUT, I was totally wrong. In actual fact, Fido is awesome.

It’s a Burton-esque period comedy set in an alternate 50s timeline where, following the Zombie Wars, some giant company has developed collars that control the zombies’ urge to snack on human flesh and instead allow them to serve around the community as milkmen, paper deliverypersons, butlers, ETC. A little boy becomes attached to his family’s zombie, which is fine until Fido starts killing people in the neighborhood.

It must have been impossible to market, but it’s a real shame that more people haven’t seen it. I laughed, I screamed, I coveted the many delightful outfits of Carrie-Anne Moss.

SO. Take it from me! If someone says “Let’s watch FIDO!” you should say “Yes, let us do so!” instead of thinking “…sigh. Well, I AM eating a lot of apple crisp, and I guess there’s no such thing as a free lunch… FINE.”


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