Fearsome giant sand-llamas.

September 3, 2008

1. Inconveniencing Others Makes Me Feel Alive. I LOVE THE ONION.

2. I have this epically dorky fondness for DUNE jokes. I also like that one where the cat is trapped in a sleeve, going SPICE MUST FLOW. Yes… I AM quite lame, thank you for noticing.

3. Speaking of DUNE, I had a burst of completely irrational upsetness the other day that I am not writing that script. WHATEVER PETER BERG. Of course, if I wrote it, I would constantly be working in references to– let me start over. Have you ever read DUNE? It’s this science-fiction novel about this desert planet that’s the only source of this mysterious substance that [blah blah blah], and the cultures in the novel have all these bizarre pieces of technology, and the one I found most amazing was the CHAIRDOG. Which I guess is some kind of semi-sentient genetically-modified creature that you use as a chair. So I imagine that if I were to write DUNE I would constantly be going

“I really like this scene, but I think it needs some CHAIRDOGS.”

“…it’s an action sequence. IN SPACE.”

“Right! They’ll need to relax when they’re finished, so… COME ON LET ME HAVE THEM. CHAIRDOGS ARE WHAT WILL MAKE THIS MOVIE AWESOME.”


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