Some things!

September 4, 2008

Um, so Sons of Anarchy is totally awesome. HERE ARE SOME REASONS WHY:

1. Katey Segal plays this gloriously motherly-evil Lady MacBeth type who’s not above telling girls that she will KILL THEM if they do things she doesn’t like. And you believe her.

2. It’s so violent and there’s so much swearing! Can you do that on F/X? Because I now want to write for F/X, thanks.

3. Asian Elvis Impersonators improve everything.


I am not really very into Political Rage, and I find it sort of lame-hilarious in others. I saw an amazing line on a blog today. From, obvy, an Obamafan with strong feelings about Ms. Palin’s status as the WHORE OF SATAN and her speech, wherein she said something about how working as a community organizer did not qualify one to lead the free world per se. Here is the line:

Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor.


THAT IS SO STUPID AS TO BE TOTALLY FANTASTIC. I just imagine that person sitting around, trying desperately to come up with a good zinger.


YOU KNOW WHO ELSE HUNTED MOOSE? Shit, this is harder than it looks.

YOU KNOW WHO ELSE WAS A– A COMMUNITY ORGANIZER? YES. I THINK I HAVE IT. Throw in a vague Pontius Pilate reference…. DONE. That is awesome. I bet Obama is gonna see this and call me and we’ll go get a few beers.


I went to dinner tonight, and as we were leaving, a very young woman and her much older gentleman caller pulled up in his very expensive car and her other very young friends poured out of the restaurant and the gentleman stood around and looked slightly awkward.

And, you know, I always wonder this. I totally get that the guy in that situation is probably just thinking “Hahaha, later I get to go home and BANG THE HELL OUT OF THAT.”

BUT. Sometimes, in between the various bangings hither and yon, don’t they have to… talk to each other? Like, while they’re eating? Or while they’re in his very expensive car, driving back to the condo he bought in Koreatown after his divorce?

WHAT DO THEY TALK ABOUT? I find this completely fascinating. These are obviously not people who got together because they like to talk to each other. Do they just sit next to each other and text their friends until it’s time for bed? Do they do whatever the conversational equivalent of closing your eyes and thinking of England is?


One Response to “Some things!”

  1. Denis Says:

    Hey –

    My friend Obama called. He wants your number. Something about drinking beers or something.

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